Sony Pictures Studios - Stage 25

Stage 25, April 2012
Stage 25, April 2012

Used as a rehearsal studio by Fred Astaire (as it was close to the dance studios, now wardrobe building)

'True Love'

The TV talk show Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus was also recorded here.

Seen on Screen: Sony Pictures Studios [Stage 25]

The Wizard of Oz [Feature Film]1939Victor FlemingIMDB Database page about The Wizard of Oz
Stage 14, Stage 15, Stage 25, Stage 26, Stage 27. The tornado sequence was shot on Stage 14. The corn field and apple tree sequences were shot on Stage 26. Munchkinland was shot on Stage 27.
Donny and Marie [TV Series]1976-1979IMDB Database page about Donny and Marie
Stage 25 at MGM was the home of the show 1976 - 1978. The final season was shot at the new Osmond Studios in Utah.
Til Death [TV Series]2006-2010Josh Goldsmith, Cathy YuspaIMDB Database page about Til Death
Stage 25

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