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Productions shot at Warner Ranch

Feature Film (17)
American Beauty1999Sam MendesIMDB Database page about American Beauty
Blondie Street
Pleasantville1998Gary RossIMDB Database page about Pleasantville
Blondie Street
Small Soldiers1998Joe DanteIMDB Database page about Small Soldiers
Blondie Street
True Lies1994James CameronIMDB Database page about True Lies
Swimming Pool
Cape Fear1991Martin ScorseseIMDB Database page about Cape Fear
Swimming Pool
Lethal Weapon 21989Richard DonnerIMDB Database page about Lethal Weapon 2
Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) house is on Blondie Street on the Warner Ranch.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation1989Jeremiah S. Chechik IMDB Database page about National Lampoon
Blondie Street (exterior of the Griswold home)
Witches of Eastwick1987George MillerIMDB Database page about Witches of Eastwick
Swimming Pool
Legal Eagles1986Ivan ReitmanIMDB Database page about Legal Eagles
Park Boulevard
The Omega Man1971Boris SagalIMDB Database page about The Omega Man
The Chase1966Arthur PennIMDB Database page about The Chase
Village of the Giants1965Bert I. GordonIMDB Database page about Village of the Giants
The Last Hurrah1958John FordIMDB Database page about The Last Hurrah
Park Boulevard houses were expanded / refurbished for this movie
The Left Handed Gun1958Arthur PennIMDB Database page about The Left Handed Gun
High Noon1952Fred ZinnemannIMDB Database page about High Noon
Western Street
Dark Victory1939Edmund GouldingIMDB Database page about Dark Victory
The Adventures of Robin Hood1938Michael Curtiz, William KeighleyIMDB Database page about The Adventures of Robin Hood
Nottingham Castle scenes

TV Series (10)
Wandavision2021Jac SchaefferIMDB Database page about Wandavision
Blondie Street used extensively as the exterior of Wanda's house and adjacent neighbours.
The Middle2009 - Eileen Heisler, DeAnn HelineIMDB Database page about The Middle
The Pear House on Blondie Street on the Warner Ranch is used as the Heck House in this ABC comedy series.
Friends1994 - 2004VariousIMDB Database page about Friends
The fountain and park featured in the opening titles is at Park Boulevard on the Warner Ranch.
Life Goes On1989Michael BravermanIMDB Database page about Life Goes On
Blondie Street
Growing Pains1985-1992Neal MarlensIMDB Database page about Growing Pains
Eight Is Enough1977William BlinnIMDB Database page about Eight Is Enough
Blondie Street
Wonder Woman1975IMDB Database page about Wonder Woman
The Partridge Family1970Bernard SladeIMDB Database page about The Partridge Family
Blondie Street and Stage 29
Gidget1965-1966Frederick KohnerIMDB Database page about Gidget
Blondie Street
Bewitched1964-1972Sol SaksIMDB Database page about Bewitched
Blondie Street, Swimming Pool

Music Video (1)
Pretty Fly for a White Guy - The Offspring1998
Blondie Street, Swimming Pool

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