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Paramount Studios - Buildings

As well as the familiar soundstages, Paramount is home to a range of other facilities.

Bing Crosby Building

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Bronson Gate

This iconic gateway was the main entrance to the studio until 1978, and featured prominently in Sunset Boulevard (1950). It had a belfry on top of the gate until the 1936 earthquake, when it was removed for safety.

Paramount Cafeteria

This was formerly the rehearsal room used by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Post-Production Village

In association with Technicolor. This new development has replaced Stage 10 and the Bing Crosby building (containing the Scoring Stage) which was all demolished in 2008.

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Gloria Swanson Building

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Gower Theater

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Marx Brothers Building

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Paramount Theater

Built in 1993, this is the flagship screening theater where a number of Paramount movies have been premiered. The comfortable seating was designed by an airline company.

It also featured in Clear and Present Danger (1994) as the hotel lobby.

Scoring Stage

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Sherry Lansing Theater

Named after the former head of Paramount Pictures in 2005, this was the largest screening room on the Paramount lot until the construction of the Paramount Theater in 1993. It's still used for staff screenings, and has some beautiful 1920s murals behind the modern acoustic treatment.
Back in the RKO days, this theatre was the home to an acting workshop run by Lela Rogers (Ginger's mother), which Lucille Ball was a part of. In 1959, after Desilu took over RKO, Lucy turned the theatre into the Desilu Workshop. She mentored young actors like Star Trek's Majel Barrett, TCM's Robert Osborne, and Lucy's protege and future co-star Carol Cook (The Incredible Mr. Limpet).
There was an epsiode of The Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse called the Desilu Revue that was filmed in part in the theatre (parts of it were also done on one of the stages).

(Thanks to William French Jr. for historical information)

Valentino Building

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