the - Ford Kuga - Blank Canvas (2008)

Ford Kuga - Blank Canvas  (2008)
Directed by: Nicolai Fuglsig

Studio(s): - Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood: New York Street and Brownstone Street

Agency: Ogilvy Advertising London

Music: Senza by Camille 


Visual Effects: MPC

The VFX team surveyed the location in advance, gathering detailed data in order the digitally reconstruct the streets featured in the ad.

Working closely with Production Designer Jeremy Hindle, they determined which areas of the set would be covered in real canvas (nearly 55,000 sq feet were ultimately used) and which would be added digitally in post-production. The approach remained flexible throughout the shoot and extensive planning of each shot with Nicolai (the director) allowing complete freedom of camera direction.

The film was shot over four days on the New York Street sets on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot. 

MPC's team created accurate models of the backlot using in-house image-based modelling software ISIS. These were then covered in canvas and rendered in Maya using Mental Ray. Particular attention was given to 'dressing' the set with small, everyday details to give the city a more believable feel. The canvas elements were enhanced with digital matte painting and composited into the live action plates using Flame and Shake. 

Extensive rotoscoping was carried out to integrate the live action people and subtle optical and environmental effects were added to enhance the piece.

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