the - Sweet Charity (1968)

Sweet Charity  (1968)
Directed by: Bob Fosse
Cast: Shirley MacLaine, John McMartin and Chita Rivera IMDB Database page about Sweet Charity page about Sweet Charity

Studio(s): - Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood: The Central Park bridge built for the movie still exists (as a shell) behind the King Kong Model Ship adjacent to Park Lake. This was before the Red Sea effect was built for the Studio Tour, so the area was very different then.
Universal Studios Hollywood: Brownstone Street, Stage 12, Stage 27

Big budget musical which shot for 12 weeks on location in New York, as well as extensive shooting on soundstages at Universal, and the Park Lake area (which doubled as Central Park) and where the bridge that Charity is pushed from at the start of the movie was built. 

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