the - The Sound of Music (1965)

The Sound of Music  (1965)
Directed by: Robert Wise
Cast: Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer and Eleanor Parker IMDB Database page about The Sound of Music page about The Sound of Music

Studio(s): - Fox Studios

Fox Studios: Most interiors were shot on Stage 08 and Stage 15 at Fox Studios in Century City.

Although most of the exteriors for this classic family musical were famously shot on location around Salzburg, virtually all of the interiors were on soundstages at Fox Studios in Century City.

The first scenes began shooting on 26 March 1964, on the Maria's bedroom set at Fox.
Saturday April 18 1964: The cast fly to Salzburg, Austria for location shooting.

The glass pavilion / gazebo used for Sixteen Going On Seventeen and Something Good was built on a soundstage as it was slightly larger than the real version in Salzburg. Half of it was removeable (as can be seen in Sixteen...).
The whole of the garden around the pavilion for Something Good was a set on a soundstage. Some trees were brought onto the stage, but the bulk of the background is a painted cloth.

A small section of the magnificent ballroom set makes another appearance as the background of the cloakroom at Harmonia Gardens in Hello Dolly (1969).

The cemetary in which the family hides from the Nazis was another soundstage set, although it was based on a graveyard in Salzburg.

The puppets featured in the 'Lonely Goatherd' sequence were performed by master puppeteer Bil Baird and his team. Although he's now passed on, his puppet collection is now on display at the Charles H. MacNider Art Museum in Mason City, Iowa, USA.


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