the - The Eternal Strife / Jane Shore (1915)

The Eternal Strife / Jane Shore  (1915)
Directed by: Bert Haldane, F. Martin Thornton
Cast: Blanche Forsythe, Roy Travers and Robert Purdie  IMDB Database page about The Eternal Strife / Jane Shore page about The Eternal Strife / Jane Shore

Studio(s): - Ealing Studios

George Perry in Forever Ealing (1981) says:

(on producer Will Barker) "His most famous film, directed by Martin Thornton and released in 1915, was Jane Shore, starring his chief leading lady, Blanche Forsythe. It was the most spectacular British production to that date, employing thousands of extras in some of the set-piece scenes, and, because it dealt with a period of English history in which internal conflict prevaled (the Wars of the Roses), it was seen in some quarters as the British answer to D.W. Griffiths's contemporary masterpiece set in the American Civil War, The Birth of a Nation. "

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