the - Columbo (1971-2003)

Columbo  (1971-2003)
Creator: Richard Levinson, William Link
Cast: Peter Falk, Mike Lally and John Finnegan IMDB Database page about Columbo page about Columbo

Studio(s): - Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood: New York Street (various episodes), Singapore Lake, Stage 28, Colonial Mansion (The Greenhouse Jungle)

The Universal backlot features in a number of episodes featuring the detective in the distinctive mac, including the following:

  • Requiem For A Falling Star: Season 2, Episode 5 (21 January 1973)
    Guest Star: Nora Chandler
  • Fade in to Murder: Season 6, Episode 1 (10 October 1976)
    Guest Star: William Shatner
    The red studio trams can be seen as Columbo walks on the backlot. Jaws lake attraction is featured in a short scene.
  • Murder, Smoke, and Shadows: Season 8, Episode 2 (27 February 1989)
    Guest Star: Fisher Stevens
  • Murder With Too Many Notes: Special, 1999
    Guest Star: Billy Connolly 
    The main gate, Stage 28 and various other spots around the Front Lot


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