the - Apollo 13 (1995)

Apollo 13  (1995)
Directed by: Ron Howard
Cast: Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinise. IMDB Database page about Apollo 13 page about Apollo 13

Studio(s): - Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood: Falls Lake - The splashdown at the end of the movie was shot on Falls Lake with the blue sky backdrop.
Universal Studios Hollywood: Stage 27 - Mission Control
Universal Studios Hollywood: Stage 36 - Stage kept at a low 38 degrees Fahrenheit (3.5 degrees Celsius) so that actors' breath was visible on camera.



Dream Sequence: The scene where Gary Sinise's character dreams of walking on the moon was shot on an area of asphalt outside the 747 Stage. (Source; Studio Tour Guide manual)

Falls Lake: The splashdown sequence in the Atlantic Ocean was shot in the Falls Lake tank, backed by a blue sky. (Source; Studio Tour Guide manual)

Stage 27: Mission Control

From the Studio Tour Guide Manual: "The Apollo 13 filmmakers went to great lengths to ensure their movie would look as realistic as possible. Aside from the MIssion Control set, two completely accurate capsules, the command module and the lunar module, were built on two other sound stages here on the Front Lot. The tiny sets were kept incredibly uncomfortable and demanding for the actors. One stage was kept at near freezing temperatures in order to produce visible breath and condensation. This was to authenticate what the original Apollo 13 astronauts had experienced in space. The filmmakers did not use a single frame of existing stock footage. The various scenes were recreated here on our sound stages, on our Back Lot, by special effects photography, and on location in Cape Canveral, Houston, San Diego, and even several thousand feet above the earth. For two weeks they filmed in a zero gravity jet that simulated weightlessness. Since NASA controlled the jet and were performing their own tests during this period, our fictional space crew had to work around the real experts."

Stage 34 and Stage 36 were used for the low temperature filming. 


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