Fox Studios - Stage 21

Stage 21 exterior (April 2009)
Stage 21 exterior (April 2009)
Plaque outside Stage 21 (September 2008)
Plaque outside Stage 21 (September 2008)

Stage 21 was built in 1966.
The stage has a Star Wars mural (although Star Wars was shot at Elstree Studios in the UK).

Seen on Screen: Fox Studios [Stage 21]

In Like Flint [Feature Film]1967Gordon DouglasIMDB Database page about In Like Flint
Stage 21, Stage 22
Planet of the Apes [Feature Film]1968Franklin J. SchaffnerIMDB Database page about Planet of the Apes
Stage 20, Stage 21, Stage 22
Star! [Feature Film]1968Robert WiseIMDB Database page about Star!
Stage 21, Stage 22
The Boston Strangler [Feature Film]1968Richard FleischerIMDB Database page about The Boston Strangler
Stage 05, Stage 21
The Secret Life of an American Wife [Feature Film]1968George AxelrodIMDB Database page about The Secret Life of an American Wife
Stage 20, Stage 21
Land of the Giants [TV Series]1968-1970Irwin AllenIMDB Database page about Land of the Giants
Stage 21
At Long Last Love [Feature Film]1975Peter BogdanovichIMDB Database page about At Long Last Love
Stage 21, Stage 22
Damnation Alley [Feature Film]1977Jack SmightIMDB Database page about Damnation Alley
Stage 21 and Stage 22
The Other Side of Midnight [Feature Film]1977Charles JarrottIMDB Database page about The Other Side of Midnight
Stage 15, Stage 21, Stage 22
The Rose [Feature Film]1979Mark RydellIMDB Database page about The Rose
Stage 11, Stage 21
Predator 2 [Feature Film]1990Stephen HopkinsIMDB Database page about Predator 2
Stage 06, Stage 20, Stage 21
Picket Fences [TV Series]1992-1996David E. KelleyIMDB Database page about Picket Fences
Stage 04, Stage 21
Jack The Bear [Feature Film]1993Marshall HerskovitzIMDB Database page about Jack The Bear
Stage 21
Rising Sun [Feature Film]1993Philip KaufmanIMDB Database page about Rising Sun
Stage 21
Dharma and Greg [TV Series]1997-2002Dottie Zicklin, Chuck LorreIMDB Database page about Dharma and Greg
Stage 21, Stage 22

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