Fox Studios - Stage 15

Stage 15 plaque (September 2008)
Stage 15 plaque (September 2008)

Built in 1936.

Seen on Screen: Fox Studios [Stage 15]

Jesse James [Feature Film]1939Henry KingIMDB Database page about Jesse James
Stage 15
How Green Was My Valley [Feature Film]1941John FordIMDB Database page about How Green Was My Valley
Stage 15
Diamond Horseshoe [Feature Film]1945George SeatonIMDB Database page about Diamond Horseshoe
Stage 15
Phone Call from a Stranger [Feature Film]1952Jean NegulescoIMDB Database page about Phone Call from a Stranger
Stage 15
Five Fingers [TV Series]1959-1960IMDB Database page about Five Fingers
Stage 02, Stage 15
From the Terrace [Feature Film]1960Mark RobsonIMDB Database page about From the Terrace
Stage 15
Snow White and the Three Stooges [Feature Film]1961Walter LangIMDB Database page about Snow White and the Three Stooges
Stage 15
The Sound of Music [Feature Film]1965Robert WiseIMDB Database page about The Sound of Music
Most interiors were shot on Stage 08 and Stage 15 at Fox Studios in Century City.
Valley of the Dolls [Feature Film]1967Mark RobsonIMDB Database page about Valley of the Dolls
Stage 15, Stage 18, Stage 19
Silent Movie [Feature Film]1976Mel BrooksIMDB Database page about Silent Movie
Stage 15, Stage 22
Silver Streak [Feature Film]1976Arthur HillerIMDB Database page about Silver Streak
Stage 15
The Other Side of Midnight [Feature Film]1977Charles JarrottIMDB Database page about The Other Side of Midnight
Stage 15, Stage 21, Stage 22
The Turning Point [Feature Film]1977Herbert RossIMDB Database page about The Turning Point
Stage 15
Project X [Feature Film]1987Jonathan KaplanIMDB Database page about Project X
Stage 15, Stage 16
Die Hard [Feature Film]1988John McTiernanIMDB Database page about Die Hard
Stage 15 (the party scene on the 30th floor was filmed on the soundstage as the set as designed was too large to construct inside the Fox Plaza tower)
The newly-completed Fox Plaza building (which overlooks the studio lot) featured in exterior shots as Nakatomi Plaza. Scenes of destruction were accomplished using scale models. Many sequences were actually filmed on the vacant (and still under-construction) 33rd & 34th floors, with additional breakaway walls for stunt purposes.
The War of the Roses [Feature Film]1989Danny DeVitoIMDB Database page about The War of the Roses
Stage 15
Edward Scissorhands [Feature Film]1990Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about Edward Scissorhands
Stage 14, Stage 15, Stage 16
Broken Arrow [Feature Film]1996John WooIMDB Database page about Broken Arrow
Stage 14, Stage 15
One Fine Day [Feature Film]1996Michael HoffmanIMDB Database page about One Fine Day
Stage 15
Alien Resurrection [Feature Film]1997Jean-Pierre JeunetIMDB Database page about Alien Resurrection
Stage 15 and Stage 16
Dr Dolittle [Feature Film]1998Betty ThomasIMDB Database page about Dr Dolittle
Stage 15
The Siege [Feature Film]1998Edward ZwickIMDB Database page about The Siege
Stage 15
Fight Club [Feature Film]1999David FincherIMDB Database page about Fight Club
Stage 15, Stage 16
Bedazzled [Feature Film]2000Harold RamisIMDB Database page about Bedazzled
Stage 15, Stage 16
Dr. Dolittle 2 [Feature Film]2001Steve CarrIMDB Database page about Dr. Dolittle 2
Stage 15, Stage 16
Minority Report [Feature Film]2002Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about Minority Report
Stage 14. Stage 15
House [TV Series]2004 - presentDavid ShoreIMDB Database page about House
Stage 10, Stage 11, Stage 14, Stage 15, Stage 16
War of the Worlds [Feature Film]2005Steven SpielbergIMDB Database page about War of the Worlds
Stage 15, Stage 16

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