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About the Studio (from the old Downey Studios website)

Downey Studios is situated on the site of a former NASA/Boeing site in Los Angeles County. The site was chosen in 1929 by E.M. Smith so he could build his new aircraft The Challenger. Through the years, the site has been home to numerous ground-breaking and record shattering innovations, including the Navaho Missile project, the Apollo Spacecraft Development program, and the Space Shuttle.
Aerospace history was made here and now we are making Hollywood history. We are the largest independent film facility in Los Angeles. In addition to the biggest undeveloped back lot, we are also home of the largest indoor water tank in North America. And we offer all the amenities of a full service major studio with none of the hassles. All of this lies in the 30 mile zone and is an easy drive from anywhere.
Downey Studios is managed by Industrial Realty Group.
With a privately held and managed portfolio in excess of 40,000,000 square feet, Industrial Realty Group, LLC is among the country's largest private owners of commercial and industrial properties.
IRG, a Los Angeles-based company, owns and operates more than 60 major developments in 25 states. Management offices are located in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Chicago, Akron, Detroit, and New York.
IRG is recognized as a leading force behind the adaptive reuse of closed buildings and facilities throughout the nation. Retrofitting otherwise obsolete buildings, corporate campuses, and industrial complexes are among the company's core competencies. IRG is recognized for its success in converting brownfield sites, including NPL Superfund Sites, to productive new uses.
IRG is a leader in the conversion and privatization of federal properties, including closed military bases. IRG owns or is master developing three closed military bases and a closed Veterans Affairs complex.

Stage 1 (from the former Downey Studios website)

Stage 1 (from the former Downey Studios website)

Stage 1 - approx 240,000 sqft Stage
(side with lake)

* 500 x 500 with only ONE set of columns
* 35' - 45' Grid Height (up to 35' high entry doors)
* Catwalk Systems + Grid
* 6400 amps of 480 volt power available
* 60,000 sqft (5'-10' deep) - 3.5 million gallon indoor wet/dry lake, excavated for Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events in 2004.

From former Downey Studios website:
65,000 Sq. Ft. Indoor Water Tank, 6 Million Gallons.
20' - 45' Ceiling Heights, 35' Entry Doors, Catwalk Systems, Adjacent Mill Space and Support Space, 6400 Amps of 480 Voltage Power, T-1 Voice and Data communications throughout the building.

Building 1 Site Map (PDF, from 2005)

Bldg. 290 - approx 50,000 sqft Stage

* 63' Ceiling Height (up to 60' high entry doors)
* 110' wide x 410' long
* 1600 amps of 480 volt power available
* 1 x 15 ton overhead crane & 1 x 10 ton overhead crane

From former Downey Studios website:
Dimensions; 450'x120'
Concrete Floor, 48' - 62' Ceiling Height, 35' High Entry Doors
1600 Amps of 480 Voltage, Two Story Office Space, T-1 Voice and Data Communications Throughout the building.

(1) 15-Ton Crane/Hoists
(1) 10-Ton Crane/Hoists
60'x30'x17' Deep Concrete Pit

Ever wonder where the first Space Shuttle was built?

Right here in the space of the building. the first four Space Shuttles were built here and you can film your TV, commercials and movies right here where history was made.

Water Tank

From former Downey Studios website:
65,000 Square Foot Indoor Concrete Lake
Holds approximately 6 Million gallons of water. Great for any type of lake type filming, day or night, wet or dry.
Depths range from 5 - 10 feet.

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