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Baja Film Studios logo (from the official website)Baja Film Studios

also known as
Fox Baja

Originally built for the Twentieth Century-Fox epic Titanic, Baja Studios is a completely self-contained production facility.

Construction of the facility began on June 6, 1996 and since that time various films and other projects in addition to Titanic have used the facility, site improvement and expansion is ongoing.

The present complex is located on 35 acres overlooking the Pacific coast with more than 2,000 feet of ocean front near the Mexican resort community of Rosarito.

Unobstructed views of the ocean, a combined tank volume of over 20 million gallons and a modern filtration plant capable of delivering 9,000 gallons of filtered sea-water per minute make Baja Studios the premiere facility for water-related work of any kind.

Tank 1 provides an additional 350,000 square feet of exterior shooting space, flooded or dry. Optional real estate acquisition allows for easy expansion. Some of the world's largest stages and filming tanks work in concert with offices, scenery shops, dressing rooms, wardrobe facilities to accomplish most filming requirements.

Studio Tour

The Studio Tour, originally known as Foxploration, opened in May 2001 and offered visitors a range of Titanic-themed displays and exhibits, along with items related to other movies shot at the studios.
Unfortunately the studio tour is not open to the public at the present time.


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